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The situation: The NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress needed a new website, it is a prestigious educational institution with renowned faculty and students from across the world. With their work with the Hudson Yards development and launch of their new location on Jay Street in MetroTech, they needed a fresh look. With their prior site, they didn't have admin access to be able to make much needed changes to their site (there was old dated information on the homepage that couldn't be removed), the site needed a more contemporary appearance and it needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. The request was to make it in WordPress as that is what the staff was currently using. The site is a rebuild to make it responsive to work across desktop, mobile and larger screens. The school had a very specific look for the homepage that was created and a fun part of the project was looking into new technology for various aspects of the site. To see it live,

Their numerous faculty bios needed a way to display them in an effective searchable way, with pop-up boxes, that then link to their individual pages. Many products were tested to integrate the technology with the overall feel of the site and a product the staff could maintain over time. A very important aspect of the project was making sure everything was set-up in a way the staff could maintain it easily and efficiently. We launched the site within a very fast timeline, also focused on SEO for the site as well. The school had a very specific look they wanted and it being clean was an important aspect.

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With a site, you bring in interactive aspects, subtle touches to help make the content more interesting. To share just one example, above is a snapshot of the slideshow for the homepage. It is very important to us that the site loads quickly and we ensured the optimization of images, content and technical features met that core need.